Translated Into Masters Through Love

Every believer in Christ may obtain the mastery of life. Yet, so very few find it due to lack of devotion and discipline in the way of Christ. That way is simply the way of love. Jesus walked in love; everything He did was motivated by love. He cast out demons, provided food, healed the sick, and died on the cross to deliver us from sin through love.

The way to mastery of life is to become disciplined in love. Becoming doers of the word of love. When we have become “rooted and grounded in love”, as Paul declares in Ephesians 4, there is no dimension in which we do not obtain mastery. Believers who walk in love are convinced, no matter what circumstances or adverse situations may arise, we already have the victory because the life we live is hid with Christ in God. We are content in what ever state we find ourselves; whether up or down, we can rest in God’s love.

Masters of life understand that God has translated us from spiritual death, the kingdom of darkness, “into the kingdom of the son of the Son of His Love” (Col. 1:13). The person who loves is “born of God and knows God”. This love surpasses the knowledge one may obtain through sensory perception, it translates us into a higher realm where we partake of the very life and nature of God.

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