Getting Faith In Your Heart

People who work for a company have faith that they will get their salary when pay day rolls around. They don’t think about it, or worry; they simply expect that their salary will be there on the prescribed day. The Bible teaches us that the foundation of faith in God is the word of God (Romans 10:17). You come to know Jesus through the word, and he introduces you to the Father. As a result, you begin to act on the word, practice it until it becomes as natural as acting on the word of the person you work for.

Aligning ourselves with the word through our actions empowers us to make faith an unconscious reality. We get faith in our heart. We don’t have to think about it; we merely think of our need, and are assured of God’s ability within us to meet that need.

Would you like for your faith to grow and become strong? Then get the living word of God down in your heart. Emerge yourself in the word, feed on it, meditate on it to the extent you become one with it in your daily life. Discovering who you are in Christ, what your privileges are, and what He thinks of you in His word grows and strengthens the faith in your heart.

Faith gives substance to the things hoped for. Faith empowers you to reach the unrealities of hope and translate them into the realm of what is real. Faith in your heart is the writ of ownership to that desired possession you have long hoped for. It is the “evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

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