Fathers Learning And Leading Children In Leadership

Considering the role of Fathers in the current milieu of concern regarding fathers presence in their children’s lives, gives me pause to reflect on how fathers help create an atmosphere for learning and leading their children in the area of leadership. What fathers learn about leadership may serve to further the progress of their children, empowering them to become more effective leaders in their own right.

Fathers who have trust in and adhere to the word and ways of God have faith that God, through his word, will lead them and their children in righteousness and prosperity. They become leaders who position themselves to receive the spirit of Elijah.

Learning and leading children in leadership is essentially facilitated through the spirit of Elijah. This is the spirit of restoration and return to the true avenues of trust and responsibility.

When children, in their curiosity, and imagination, seeking to establish their own identity, depart from learning the roles of responsible leadership, the spirit of Elijah can renew the relationship with fathers who will honor God’s word.

In like manner, fathers, who have distanced themselves from their children because they have assumed values or exercised practices which are inconsistent with their accepted philosophical or moral tenets, may find restoration through the spirit of Elijah.

Before the complete loss of effective leadership, before the thorough destruction of a generation capable of creating constructive vision and caring for the planet and it’s inhabitants, Malachi 4, assures, God will “turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers”.

Fathers desiring to lead their children in leadership learn how to divest themselves of that spirit of retribution, realizing that it is not through harshness or punishment, but through casting an imaginative and morally inspiring vision that children are motivated to follow responsible paths.

Ephesians 6;4, exhorts, “fathers provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”. This points to fathers modeling values, duties, and responsibility for their children. As we learn and teach our children in this manner, they will be freed to appropriate the mantles of leadership.

L. Jerome Jones, Pastor

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