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Sharon Jaynes challenged me in a recent Girlfriends in God post. So often I hurry through my Bible reading. I may glean something each time I read but I don’t slow down and really think about each verse. Her challenge was to take one verse and really spend time on it—turning it over—noticing the meaning of each word and phrase. Savor it asking, what is God saying through His living word—to me?

What a blessing this has been for me this week. Let me share my discoveries in Psalm 40:3; it says:

“And He put a new song in my mouth,

a song of praise to our God;

Many will see and fear,

and will trust in the Lord.”




No one else puts it there—nor gives it. And, it’s NEW – not past, reconstituted, resurrected, borrowed

HE PUT – is a definitive action. It doesn’t say:

He may put

He has put

He can put

He will put

It says HE PUT. This is determined and purposeful.

He puts this song in MY MOUTH. It is personal. It is my song—my response to what He is doing in my life. He knows me. He is active in my life. He is giving ME a song – because He knows me and my circumstances.

This is a NEW SONG. Meaning He has given me songs in the past. Songs of praise for the things He did before. But, this new song flows out of what God did today. And songs of praise to Him are meant to be fresh, new and always filling us as I see Him at work around me.


This NEW SONG is one of praise. This doesn’t mean merely happy or self-fulfilling. It is PRAISE to my God.

He is the object of my praise.

He deserves and receives this praise – my song.

MANY WILL SEE. Not a few, or one, or two. Not all. But, many will see…

See what?

Many will see my new song, the reason for my praise and the difference it has made in me. They will see what God has done in my life. They will see the contrast of being stuck in the miry clay (see verse 2) and being freed—standing firm.

Many will see the transformation and see my new song of praise that rises from the circumstances I have come through.

And FEAR. This isn’t an “afraid” brand of fear. It means they will reverence God, seek and acknowledge Him – and WILL trust in the LORD. It doesn’t say MAY trust—might, think about, possibly trust.

Psalm 40:3 says, WILL TRUST in the LORD.

The MANY that SEE, FEAR and TRUST, have hearts that are open—those who notice what God is doing and recognize Him who has done these marvelous things to prompt my song of praise. The people in my world are watching how I react to hardship, sickness, injustice…they see.

I am amazed at what one verse tells me about the amazing God I love as I look carefully at each piece. Did it speak to you too?


So, give it a try this week. Choose and verse. Write it out. Then meditate on each word and phrase. You will be amazed at that God shows you—fresh manna—daily bread. I know He will nourish your hungry spirit and give you a new song. Take time to slow down. Listen to what God is saying to you through His word. I’d love to hear what you discover.

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by: Jeanne Doyon
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