Let Them See Your Praise

I was extremely grateful for Jeanne Doyon’s piece Slow Down—Listen to God Speak Through His Word, which helped me see afresh Psalm 40, portions of which I have often used in sermon closings. Revisiting this Psalm opened anew to me the continuity of thought in the Psalmist’s writing. Most prominent and powerful in his New Song is the impression that implores all who love the Lord to let people see your praise.

Letting them see our praise elicits from those who may not know God a response of reverence and trust in the Lord. Through our praise we demonstrate our commitment to put ourselves out, to go out of our way to display the goodness of God in us. Indeed, we cannot be satisfied within ourselves, or remain comfortable with our personal relationship to God without letting others see the praise that we have toward Him.

That praise which we so ardently desire the world to see is inextricably tied to what God has done and is still doing in and through us. That is to say, our praise recalls and recounts the trouble, trials, and situational difficulties that God has brought us out. It does not simply tell, but shows what God can do, and what he will do for those who put their trust in Him

When people see our praise, they see the righteousness of God in us; they observe in us a “delight to do His will”. Our praise exposes people to the truth of God working in us, revealing our intrinsic inadequacies and our natural inabilities to choose and do what is right. Moreover, it shows that we cannot work, buy, or beg our way out of darkness, and into the glorious deliverance and liberty of God. Our new song, our praise allows people to see that God has simply given it to us. You who have received the gift of God’s righteousness, don’t hide it in your heart; let them see your praise.

L. Jerome Jones
You may find Jeanne’s post at http://wp.me/p5EC6Q-1g

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