The True Believer Acts On God’s Word

We discover that among confessing believers today, there is very little action on the word of God. The true believer comes to understand that mere mental assent or admiration for the word of God is insufficient. Confessing the word as true and desirable is not enough; we must take ownership and affirm that we have what the word of God says that we have.

Modern theological doctrines influence us to cling to the theories of men, while ignoring the word of God. Although we may assent to the integrity of the word, unless we act, it cannot become a reality. Certainly, we may recognize the resurrection as a central doctrine of the church; however, until we declare that “He died for me”, it does not mean a thing.

True believers recognize that through their acting on the word of God, they have become conquerors of Satan, and that he no longer holds dominion over them. They obtain their freedom in Christ through acting on God’s word which confirms it. The word of God for the true believer is more than a doctrine; it is having and receiving; it is the reality taking possession of what the word of God says.

Acting on God’s word means that we are no longer struggling, crying, or praying; it is walking in the assurance that what God has spoken brings results. Children of God own all that Christ has obtained for them. I Corinthians 3:21, states, “all things are yours”. Now it is simply a matter of stepping up to the desired object of your faith, acting on God’s word, and taking ownership. Ephesians 1:3, proclaims, God “has blessed you with every spiritual blessing…”. Since He has blessed you, you are blessed; all you need do is just give Him thanks.

L. Jerome Jones

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