Declare knowledge of my place
Author of words seeks to rest
from provocative art at Spirits request
to shine light reflective of His face.
Where is my voice
Retort with sensitive phrasings of
the emotions of my people.
Are they now lost in tears
through years of dying on highways
destructive flirtations for thrills
or on foreign fields.
Where are my compelling appeals
to their more nobler wills
to assume responsibility.
Will I still touch some heart
has the song of our Savior’s sacrifice
gone sour, would my soul depart.
Is there someone who will hear
Think not it anti-modern or uncouth
Poetic psyche pray lend an ear
to songs on wings that ring in truth
they faithfully carry out Word’s choice
among unsaved and of the fold
Love, dedication, honor, sing out voice
Truly God’s story must be told.

L. Jerome Jones

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