The Two Confessions Which Assure Christian Faith

There are two confessions whereby we may be assured that Christian faith is present and activated in our lives. Our ability to live out the calling and work of the Lord is dependent upon our confessions. Whether it be in our current position or in one to come, we will become what we confess.

Christian faith must need be assured by the two confessions of our heart and of our mouth. When the confession of our heart absolutely agrees with the confession of our mouth, and these two confessions confirm God’s word, we become powerful people of faith and Christian living.

All too frequently, Christians are espousing negative confessions. They gather themselves together to tell one another about their failures, lack of money or opportunity, feelings of powerlessness, and ill health. Without doubt, they will inevitability descend to the level of their confession.

Today Christians must come to realize that a spiritual standard dictates that our confessions govern us. Now is the time for us to confess Christ Jesus’ Lordship over us and bring our hearts in total concert with that confession. These two confessions assure us that we have come to the end of anxiety, worry, and fear, and have begun our new “walk by faith, and not by sight”.

L. Jerome Jones

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