The Christ Mind Knows That God Is Inside

Every believer ought to become aware of their oneness with God, for to have Christ’s mind means that we know that God is inside. We should understand that His life is ours, His ability is ours, and His strength and wisdom are ours. We must come to trust that we are not ordinary any more, that we have raised up into a new realm where we are a “new creation created in Christ Jesus unto good works”.

Having been recreated in Christ, now is time for us to stand boldly to demonstrate our appreciation of our part of Christ’s victory over Satan. We do not halt in our positive confession that God inside “always causes me to triumph in Christ”. The faith of this Christ mind, which knows that God is inside, always rises to the level of that positive confession. When we with certainty are assured that God is inside, we can speak in agreement with the Psalmist, ” God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”.

L. Jerome Jones

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