Liberate Life Let God Loose In Prayer

Through the refusal to believe and act on God’s word as truth, many prayers offered up by confessing Christians limit the move of God on our behalf. Now is high time for the people of God to liberate life by letting God loose In our prayers. Psalm 78:41, reminds us that Israel refused to let God loose in prayer, but, “they turned again and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel”.

Letting God loose in prayer requires that we appropriate all of the righteousness, grace, and favor that God has prepared for us. Reliance upon our ability and self worth is not an option, for we are merely leaves that fade, and “our iniquities like the wind, will take us away”. Isaiah 64:7, exhorts us to stir ourselves up and take hold of God. This word invites us to call God’s attention to the promises which he has given us, and to stand on those promises.

Men and women may be liberated from the adversarial ploys and the social and economic oppressions of Satan through our prayers that take hold on the promises of God. Recall how Daniel stirred, and gave himself over to let God loose in prayer. Daniel 9, recounts how he called God’ attention to the promises he had made through His prophet Jeremiah. Daniel interceded for a people who were on course, through doubt and rebellion, to limiting God. In prayer, he held before God His word that their captivity in Babylon should end, and that they should be restored to the promised land.

Many Christians are today being held captive in the Babylon of lack, failure, weakness, and fear. None of us need remain in the shape of brokenness, the potter wants to liberate us and put back together again. Agree, in prayer, with His desire for our strength, for overcoming ability, for courage, and for more than enough. When we agree with Him, we are empowered to liberate life by letting God loose in prayer.

L. Jerome Jones

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