Where Has All The Power Gone

Acts 4:31, conveys to us the empowering work of the Holy Spirit inspiring and equipping men for the assignment of discipleship. When we consider Pentecost for 2015, that move of the Spirit among the body of Christ today, we are compelled to ask where has all the power gone?
Where is the impetus and aggressive forwardness that was so prevalent in the early church to make disciples of all persons?

Where and why has all the power of this driving force gone that we read of these early disciples experiencing here in the Book of Acts? Obviously, we may deduct from the question why as to the where of The Spirit’s movement in this present age. Prior to the Holy Spirit’s filling, certain conditions are filled; chief among these are the unity, like-mindedness, and communion among believers.

Believers, here, came before God on one accord in prayer. Someone commented on one of my recent posts, Gathering Two Or Three For Prayer, asking the question, if I am praying alone, will not God answer my prayer? My response was a certain yes; however, one cannot, alone, command the kind of place shaking power which these disciples needed for their mission. Neither can we effect the gravely required kind of atmospheric change of a Pentecost 2015 without the unity of believers in prayer.

Disciples of this early era were not concerned about where all the power had gone because they were following the precedent that had been set by Peter and the other apostles before them. They did not forsake the assembling of themselves together, as the custom of some is today. Having assembled, under the threat of violence, social exclusion, and persecution, they trusted in the power of God to enable them to speak and live out His word.

Pentecost 2015 makes no less requirement of us today, if we are not to simply ponder where has all the power gone; but, become those effective earthen vessels filled with the same Spirit of faith that believes and therefore speaks. Those early disciples gathered together, they prayed, and they believed. The Holy Ghost came upon them and shook some things loose, empowering them to speak the word of God with boldness.

Believers today must, in like manner, wait with sure anticipation, trusting, as we go out of the confines of sanctuaries, we go out under the anointing and power of the Holy Ghost to speak God’s word with all boldness. Such expectation for Pentecost 2015 will empower us to carry out the commission to go into all the world and make disciples for Christ right in our communities, as well as in the nations.

L. Jerome Jones

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