Review Of “When God Turned On The Light”

When God Turned On The Light is an excitingly fresh children’s book by an experienced and innovative author. Allia Zobel Nolan has produced a lively exposition of God’s creative work which shines the light of His love through the formation of the earth and all that is within it. Nolan employs a beautiful blend of poetic artistry and Biblical authenticity to simply show how God extends that love in sending another light, His Son Jesus, to save the children of the world.

When God Turned On The Light

This newly published work, When God Turned On The Light, intensely illustrated with rhythmical verse by Nolan, and imagination capturing drawings by Linda Clearwater, is a book many Children’s authors may wish they had written, and one which many children will desire to read.

L. Jerome Jones
Fruit Of Righteousness Abounding Grace And Truth Ministry Inc.

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