No Time For God

In a fast paced and personal interest driven world, more concerned about private privilege and pleasure there appears to be no time for God. God, one might say, is put on the back burner when there is nothing better left to do.

People who have accepted that Christ died for them apparently cannot break away from their busy schedules to find time for service to God. Appalling weak and without merit are the excuses heard for failing to witness the Kingdom Of God and attend the need of fellow human beings.

We are becoming a people who don’t want to be bothered, left alone to pursue impassionate living, no time for God or humanity. Work simply to acquire, eat, drink, and be merry in our private spaces seems to be the goal for the masses of people.

People of God have we so quickly forgotten that God loved us so greatly He sent His only begotten Son to die that we might have life? So great a love compels us to beg you to “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service”. Make time for God and empower others to know the time God gave to us.

L. Jerome Jones

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