Living On A Prayer

Dr. Alan Redpath writes, ” never undertake any Christian work which is not first covered by believing prayer”. Truly Christians ought to understand that in our work with Christ, we are first and foremost living on a prayer.

Living on a prayer simply means that everything we do should be undergirded by prayer. When we schedule something for ourselves or others, we should not only make time for the date of the activity itself, but, should also set aside a day before to cover that activity in prayer.

Christians are not experiencing the greater works ministry that Jesus has commended to us because we fail to bend our knees in recognition that it is the Father, who worked in Jesus, that must work in us to accomplish His will. As the Epistle of James warns, ” you have not, because you ask not”. Let us, then, be careful to allow the Father to work His work through us by living our lives on a prayer.

L. Jerome Jones

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