Filled With Fire And The Holy Spirit

Believers today do not have to become resigned to rhetorical persuasion or psychological platforms when ministering among modern society. It is not necessary to conform to ministry programs in our efforts to meet the need of lost souls; however, what is truly necessary is that we be filled with fire and the Holy Spirit.

What is particularly lacking in the body of Christ is our willingness to move out from among the four walls of our sanctuaries, which have indeed become sanctuaries for our own safety, carrying the message of the gospel of the Kingdom to a dying world. The Holy Spirit of God is awaiting men and women who will devote themselves to preaching Jesus saves to entire communities standing on the brink of Hell.

Early apostles waited on God, and were filled with the Holy Spirit and fire, receiving the word of Jesus with all sincerity, they went out as they had been sent. Believers are called to do the same in this present era. We must do what those apostles did, if we want to get what they got, and impact the world for the Kingdom of God.

Being filled with fire and the Holy Spirit is just as real today as it was when Jesus sent the Comforter during Pentecost for our aid. In Matthew 3, we find John baptizing in the Jordan River. His baptism typifies what much of contemporary, intellectual “training” holds up to be ministry today, it is simply cold and wet. John himself realized that to make a real difference we must look to the one who “…will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire” (3:11).

God’s Holy Spirit is certainly a river of fire winding it’s way throughout the courses of this world converting every receptive soul to the way of life. When we get into that river, the river of fire will get into us, and make us ministers of flaming fire who are zealous, passionate, and compassionate for the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is one thing that is most needful today if believers are to be usable for the ministry of the Kingdom of God. Just because you have charcoal in your barbecue pit does not mean that you will be able to cook your ribs on the grill. No, you need some fire to light up that charcoal to a temperature hot enough to cook those ribs. In like manner, we need the Holy Spirit and fire to light us up for ministering salvation, healing, and deliverance to a lost world.

L. Jerome Jones

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