God’s Love Shed Abroad In Our Hearts By The Holy Ghost

Paul, in the book of Romans, 5:5, establishes that the love of God is shed abroad in the believer’s heart by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost or God’s Holy Spirit operates to complete the most important redemptive process following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost is functioning to impart the essential characteristic that makes us joint heirs with Christ, which is the love of God.

As a result of our salvation in Christ, believers have a hope of sharing in the glory of God. Such hope may only be realized through the Holy Ghost’s work which helps us understand and apply the word of God to our lives. The Spirit’s activity empowers us to receive the love of God in our hearts. And having that love, we are enabled to live in the fellowship of the beloved community, who only have the hope of glory.

L. Jerome Jones

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