Stop Begging For More Use What God Gave You

Why is it that we hear Christians keep praying that God will grant them more grace, more strength, more faith, etc., continually begging for more, yet failing to use what God has already given them? All believers in Christ have been given the privilege and ability to become mature possessors and processors of the promises of God.

Becoming possessors, persons who make full use of the gift of God, and cease from begging for more, entails, first of all, knowing that you have the gift. We must keep in mind that what god has given us is ours. If we are unaware of what we have, how can we hold out any expectation of its use. Remember that ” …all things are your’s ” (I Corinthians 3:21).

Secondly, we can be released from the attitude of begging for more knowing that it is God who has given us these “exceeding great and precious promises”. Be consistently reminded of Romans 8:32, ” He that spares not his own son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not freely give us all things”. God, our Father, is the giver of “every good and every perfect gift” (James 1:17).

Finally, as Christian believers, we stand in the confidence that God’s gift is the gift of grace. Not by our own power, strength, or mental acuity are we able to face and overcome the maelstroms, malignities, and maliciousness of this world. God assures us that ” My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness” ( II Corinthians 12:9).

Therefore, we can proceed, fully persuaded that we have all that is needed to complete the will of God. Exercising our gifts in the sure knowledge that it God working in you ” both to will and to do his good pleasure”. We no longer need to beg for more strength, faith, or love, but, continue using what God gave us to develop mature growth in our lives and demonstrate that development for the benefit of others.

L. Jerome Jones

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