Love Can Keep Us From Falling

Navigating the obstacle filled course of this world encumbered by weights and sin that easily beset us, we discover that love can keep us from falling. Often we may feel that love is inept or has deceived us due to some experience in which we perceive love has failed or even caused hurt in our lives. However, as Christians, we should come to trust that no matter the apparent loss of hope, no matter the impatience, suffering, unseemliness, or sin, love never fails.

Christians, who will confidently anchor themselves in love, must understand what love truly is. We have tried to explain it as agape, or God’s unconditional caring, a love which is consistently available, regardless of the circumstances. While this definition is adequate; it is simply a definition, which in most cases does not answer to the deep desire of the soul seeking a touch of other being, assuring that help is at hand.

On the other hand, God has responded to us in this way of love through the giving of Himself in spite of our rebelliousness and the unregenerate sin nature. The love that God alone gives can keep us from falling. God has given this love to us in two ways to prevent our falling away from Him. First, He has given Himself through the blood of Jesus His Son for the remission of sin. Secondly, He continues to give Himself through the resurrected New Creation life which is available to all who believe in the sufficiency of that blood and accept Christ as Lord and Savior. In fact, God’s Love is so great I John 4:8, states, “…God is love”.

God’s love is demonstrated in the laying down of His life, and picking it up again for all who will receive it by believing. Yet, He didn’t stop there; He offers that life of love to people who acknowledge His Lordship. This love, I Peter 4:8, declares, “covers a multitude of sins”. This is the love that can keep us from falling over the stumbling blocks of life.

Confidence in God’s love to keep us from falling is bolstered when we read Jude 24, ” Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy”. My sisters and my brothers, stimulate and strengthen your stride with humility, knowing that the Love of God can keep you from falling

L. Jerome Jones

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  1. Mary Sayler says:

    Thanks, Jerome. I highlighted your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog – God bless you and your good work in Jesus’ Name.

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