Christians Can Be Confident In Righteousness

Christians can change the world once they have become confident in righteousness. Appropriating the fact that we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus empowers us to stand in the face of Satan and all demonic activity as fearless as Jesus. We stand confident because we realize we are new creations created by God in Christ who has given us the power to use His Name.

Sin holds us in bondage and makes us fearful of the works of Satan; however, as we understand that we are of God and have God’s ability in us, we assume our place as victors, casting down strongholds and destroying the works of Satan. Now we become masters where we once were slaves; and we become strong where we once were weak.

God’s power in us has changed us from a sin consciousness to our righteousness consciousness. Christian confidence grows out of continual fellowship with the Father, enabling us to stand in the presence of the Father without guilt. This confident stance equips us to act as Jesus acted and do the works which Jesus did (John 14:12-13).

L. Jerome Jones

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