Four Ways You May Participate In Perfecting Your Faith

Believers in Christ should understand how important having a perfected faith is, for “without faith it is impossible to please God”. Ephesians 2:8, instructs us that our faith is a gift from God, however, we do participate in the perfecting of our faith. Chapter 12, verses 1-2, of Hebrews offers us four ways we may participate in perfecting our faith.

All of us are running the race of life; Christians, moreover, are running this race by faith. Perfecting this faith race requires, first of all, laying aside everything which will hinder running the best race possible for us. There are some things which may not be bad in themselves, but may cause distractions. Focusing on the past, personal ambitions, or conflicting relationships may prove to be excessive coverings which must be shed to perfect Christian faith.

Another important aspect of perfecting your faith involves having the right mindset for running your race. This means that you cannot become ensnared by a sin consciousness, but, must run in the “liberty wherewith Christ has made you free” Faith perfecting anticipates your participation in accepting that you are the righteousness of God in Christ, and you will not be hindered by sin, guilt, and shame.

In addition to laying aside the first two hindrances to faith, you participate in perfecting your faith by running the race with endurance. Don’t ever give up, and don’t ever give in; for as one songwriter attests, “each victory will help you some other to win”. Persist in your faith. Jesus encourages us to hold out to the end, and we will be saved.

Finally, the fourth way you participate in perfecting your faith is by keeping your eyes on Jesus. Faith is complete in Christ Jesus; He has endured so that you might rest and rely upon that completeness residing in you. Follow directly in His footsteps, and you will not falter or fail. Since He has finished the course in faith, His complete ability is at work in all who will keep their eyes on Him for the perfecting of their faith.

L. Jerome Jones

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