Three Things You May Not Know Are Yours In The Family Of God

Certain benefits, rights, and privileges accrue to all persons who enter the family of God through their confession of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, you understand that you have salvation and eternal life, however, there are three things you may not know are yours when you enter the Family of God.

From the outset of belief that Jesus rose from the dead for us, and by His resurrection He conquered the adversary, destroying his power, this confession in your mouth and in your heart makes you a power for God. With this confession you are freed from the yoke and bondage of the enemy, and empowered to help others become free as well.

Secondly, the moment you recognize the fact of His resurrection, you should know that the sin problem is settled; there is no further condemnation because you have been raised with Christ Jesus. You can no longer be dominated by Satan.

Finally, you have, in reality, become partakers of the Divine Nature. You are a branch drawing life giving substance from the True Vine. And as partakers of His Nature, you have the authority of the Name of Jesus. With that Name in your mouth, demons and disease are subject to the Living Christ in you.

These three things you must come to know are yours when you come into the family of God. Nevertheless, you must activate all of them by acting on the word of faith, by confessing and coming into possession of what is yours as a child of God.

L. Jerome Jones

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