Be The Change God Designed You To Be

Just a few thoughts this morning as I was calling to mind how various theological officials would assure us that we are the same personality when we come to Christ. Asserting that we essentially don’t change, God simply uses who we are for His glory. Such assertions got me to surmising, maybe that is the reason why so many Christians are not living out the full potential of their calling.

Additionally, like a ton of bricks, it hit me, God does not need who we are to get the glory; He desires that we be like Him. God’s calling is to change us into someone who greatly supersedes our personality before coming to Christ.

All believers should know the power within you imparts ability to change into someone completely different, having a personality that masters the old self. Jesus has obtained for us the power of a new creation, giving us ability to be a new and more perfected being. He has, in fact, changed us and our name from sinner to righteous.

Certainly, you remember how Jacob was a supplanter, but God changed him into the people of God. And how we forget that Saul was a persecutor, but God changed him into a planter of His word. Do not be deceived, when you come to Christ, you are greater than your old self. You are destined to take on a personality of mastery, having dominion over sin, sickness, and the lusts of this world. Be the change God designed you to be.

L. Jerome Jones

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