Love Is Greater Than The Law

Love, in the Christian context, is self giving, however, such love is greater than the law of love, or a mandate to love. Although the law instructs us to love God and one another, love looses its expression without our reception of the gift of the new life of compassion from Christ.

This is to say, the content of Christian love is not based on a presupposed definition, but on Jesus’ teaching and example of love. Consequently, love goes about doing good, having real concern for other’s trials, and praying for enemies.

The law pointed particularly to showing devotion for one’s neighbors, but gave leeway for expressing love for those who were not so neighborly. Christian love, however, is greater than the law for it is not devoid of concern, sentiment or emotion for all peoples.

When we speak of the law here, we should understand that law includes our presupposed attitudes that require us to follow any assumed principles of love. But love is greater than any of our ideas about the law, because love is completely fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Therefore, Christian love is simply accepting Jesus as the Lord of love, for “God is love”.

L. Jerome Jones

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