Fearless In The Face Of Frightful Circumstances

Let’s be up front, difficult and troublesome events may occur in anyone’s life, and they may show up at anytime. Life has not become a bed of roses since confessing Christ as Lord, nevertheless, our union with Him can make fearless in the face of frightful circumstances.

Jesus Christ Himself assures us In John 14:12, that we have been endowed, as His representatives on earth, to not only do what He did on earth, but to do ” greater works than these”. And Jesus was fearless in the face of all circumstances, even death.

Look, if you will, at Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus. Death had taken it’s full hold on the body for four long days. Yet, Jesus was confident, and faced down death. Knowing who He was, having dominion over all circumstances, He simply thanked the Father that He always heard Him.

The confidence that the Father heard Him ensued from the knowledge that He was righteous. Therefore, He could stand fearlessly knowing that God’s power was within Him. That power or authority takes dominion over all of the frightful circumstances of life.

Likewise, my brothers and sisters, you can stand fearless in the face of the frightful circumstances in your life. Sin makes cowards of people and holds them in bondage. Conversely, you must know that you are the righteousness of God, then you can stand fearless in the presence of Satan’s frightful circumstances, assured that you have the victory.

L. Jerome Jones

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