Two Kinds Of Unbelief

There are millions of people in our world who are still walking in unbelief, having no faith that Jesus the Son of God died for their sins, and was raised for their righteousness. All of those unknown millions who possess no saving faith in Jesus Christ have fallen prey to two kinds of unbelief.

Western society tends to think the knowledge we consider commonplace is readily available to the rest of the world. However, considerable of the world do not have access to the knowledge of God’s word; consequently, they are walking in un belief because of ignorance.

Hence, one kind of unbelief is due to lack of knowledge. People do not believe because they know nothing of the word of God. Such great numbers of unbelievers are ignorant of the things to believe. They do not know; then, how can they believe?

Then, there is a second kind of unbelief which is connected with the failure of persons to act on the knowledge they have received. Hebrews 4:11, talks about a people unable to enter rest because of unbelief, or disobedience. They were unwilling to allow the word to govern their lives.

Belief is an act of the will. People who know what the word of God teaches, yet, refuse to act on that knowledge, will ultimately fail to enter the promised rest of God. Believing is being willing to do God’s will. You can act on His will, if you will.

L. Jerome Jones

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