If There Is No God

Reflecting on the meaning of life and it’s purpose for humanity gives me pause to consider how one might think there is no God. What would be the profit in going through the motions of life if there was not an eternal design to bring it to complete fulfillment. Indeed, life would be a ridiculous charade of times, persons, and events, if there is no God.

However, this is merely a philosophical reflection grounded in the satisfaction of sensory information. The question of if there is a God is for me settled in the revelation of Himself in His word. And not only that, I am sure there is a God because one day he rose up in a wretch like me.

Although I had been on the side of those who cried out “crucify Him, crucify Him”, when he rose up, and ascended into the heavenly places, He made me the righteousness of God in Him. The life I now live, I live by the faith of The Son of God. This life is a changed life, which assures me there is no question if there is a God.

L. Jerome Jones

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