Is Healing Also For The Unsaved

Remember the impotent man at the gate called beautiful? He was not a Christian, having not accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Since the biblical witness informs us he was instantly healed on the demand of Peter, we must conclude healing is also for the unsaved.

Truthfully, we would have to say that the ministry of Jesus Himself was expressed, in large degree, through the administration of healing to an unsaved populace. Recall, if you will, the centurion’s servant, the woman with the issue of blood, Jairus’ daughter, and numerous others, all unsaved people who received healing from Jesus.

Healing for the unsaved extends into the book of Acts where we see that multitudes of unsaved sick were brought out of the cities and were laid in Jerusalem’s streets. And amazingly, the record shows that “they were healed every one”.

The church must not be deceived into believing that the healing dispensation has passed with the advent of the New Covenant, and the end of the apostolic era. The same God who healed back then, will do it again. We cannot afford to squander the opportunity to practice the power of God in this present age. One of the most effective marketing methods for the Kingdom of God is for the church to demonstrate that healing is also for the unsaved.

L. Jerome Jones

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