First Step For Healing Is Seeing Sickness Is Spiritual

More than likely, when we think of sickness, it is associated with some physical malady in our bodies. Consequently, we are more prone to seek some physical remedy for the ailment. However, the believer in Christ may seek a better and completely fulfilling healing after learning that the first step for healing is seeing sickness is spiritual.

What does it mean to view sickness as spiritual, especially when one is racked with pain, or suffering a debilitating illness in the body? The answer lies in knowing that all disease comes from the devil, Satan our spiritual adversary. Acts 10:38, plainly states that Jesus healed “all that were oppressed of the devil.

Yes, the devil, your enemy, and my enemy launches attacks on our bodies because he wants you dead; he desires to see you weak and waning in sickness. According to John 10:10, he came to “kill, steal, and destroy. But, Jesus came that “you might have life, and have it more abundantly.

On Christ Jesus, God laid all of our iniquities, transgressions, and disease upon Him. For these He was wounded and bruised; not with a physical bruising, but, He was wounded and bruised spiritually. It was justice that laid the heavy stripes upon the spirit of Jesus. He took the place of all humanity, willing suffering our sin, although He knew no sin.

Jesus was made sick with our sickness, therefore, we need not suffer with sickness. Continued thinking of sickness as simply physical will prevent us from getting our deliverance. Taking this first step to see that sickness is spiritual will activate your faith for healing.

Only ignorance of your privileges or failure to act on the word of God can restrict our healing. Remembering that sickness is spiritual, and that God “sent His word and healed you”, will make your healing a reality.

L. Jerome Jones

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