What It Means To Recognize And Respond To The Call Of Christ

Recognizing and responding to the call of Christ entails a spiritual sensitivity for understanding God has purposed you to walk according to His will. It means an openness to hear that His call involves a change of vocation. Where you were doing what you wanted to do, now there is a compelling tug to do what God wants you to do.

Like the early disciples, we must hear that a sacred responsibility has been entrusted to us. A duty that involves forsaking, leaving what is comfortable and secure to follow after what is risky and unfamiliar. Recognizing and responding to the call of Christ is an immediate necessity since all who see and believe on the Son will have eternal life.

This call is to each one of us who have heard the joyful sound that Jesus saves, Jesus saves. Let us not be slow to recognize and respond as many who have claimed they were ready to follow Christ, but cowered away after considering the cost.

Those early disciples immediately followed Jesus although they were not fully prepared nor possess the faith needed for the journey. They slipped and fell along the way, nevertheless, excepting one, they endured. Now the challenge of this warfare is thrown out to you and I. how will you respond to the call of Christ?

L. Jerome Jones

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