Living In America

Living in America where men died that we might have opportunity
taking part in the hope of capitalistic liberty
reaping the fruits of an open democracy.
But now take a peek what do you truly see
Living men lying in spiritual poverty
a world apart from our half heart response for
they don’t look like you and me.
Some cry deep briny tears that drip, drip crevices
in hard heads, stony hearts dying in vanity
wandering souls wondering would it be futile
to make just one plea
or try make some sense by asserting
man’s right looking with an eye for an eye dignity.
After all living in America the land of the brave
and the would be free
has not, will not, recognize distressed community
simply absconded, marginalized through American legalities.
Oh I know, you don’t want to really just let it be
for that would entail a full measure of equality
put on, pat on, patronizingly lulled into a sense of affinity
characterized, impersonalized, stigmatized receptors in stagnant ennui
while inner fires flare forging emboweled, deep-seated adversity.
Sideliners watch movers shake twin towers satiated in their dust
and all the pretty people consider doing the world a favor consuming on their lust
living men lying in spiritual decadence consider their reality is a must
understanding their exclusion from a nickel’s worth of In God We Trust
passively accepting living in America means remaining home no boom just bust.
Yea, so what does the preacher have to say to this American plight
don’t worry, my brothers and my sisters, everything gone be all right
Now let the church say Amen, keep the faith and plant your seed
yet we find compassion is unequal to meet the children’s need.
For America is reluctant to relinquish its irreverent reality
engendering distance, deference, dissonance, religious and social enmity
depriving itself of living valuable contributors needlessly
Comprehending these events require no dictionary
witnessing such backlash is really getting scary
Acquiesce no more to apathetic ushers at hell’s mortuary
Awake ministers of burning flame and fire to see
generations living, loving, dying without a clue
God is still living in America too.

L. Jerome Jones

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