A Way To Enjoy The Fullness Of God’s Favor And Happiness

Living in a world where we are constantly bombarded by systematically mundane, commercial, and socially conformist forces, we are inadvertently influenced to follow advice that can never completely fulfill our deepest desires. Nevertheless, when experiencing the stresses and frustrations of life, we can be assured that there is a way to enjoy the fullness of God’s favor and happiness.

Augustine said that “the soul cannot rest until it finds its rest in God”. However, the fullness of our rest and favor with God will not be found while we listen to the counsel of an ungodly world. Enjoying God’s favor and happiness rests on our receptivity of wise Godly counsel.

There is so much to catch our attention in the technologically advancing age. So much until we hardly realize that most what we see, hear, touch, and speak is bound in ungodly counsel. Psalm I warns us not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly, “nor stand in the way of sinners”.

The counsel which you are receiving daily from the world may appear to be innocent enough. However, counsel does not have to be perverted, or overtly wicked to be ungodly. The world’s system is enmity to God seeing that it does not consider God’s way nor word in its counsel.

On the other hand, the person who meditates on God’s word day and night shall receive the blessings of the Lord; and shall walk in His favor and happiness. We know that we have favor and happiness because we become like fruit trees planted by the rivers of water.

Our roots go down deep in God’s word empowering us to withstand the storms of life, and persevere through the dry spells. You understand that you have favor and happiness because you do not fade in the face of tribulation. And what ever you set your hand to do will prosper and succeed. You are walking in the fullness of God’s favor and happiness.

L. Jerome Jones

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