The Number one Reason For Weak Faith Among Believers

Christian believers are to a great degree identified by faith in the one true God and in His Son Jesus Christ. This faith takes hold on the spiritual blessings provided by God. Often we find ourselves coming up deficient in God’s blessings because our faith is not sufficient. You may learn to strengthen your faith when you know the number one reason for weak faith among believers.

Without this essential element which activates faith, we will walk in a faith that is too weak to take possession of all God’s blessing. We discover that essential element in Galatians 5:6, Paul’s simple statement is “but faith which worketh by love”. We cannot walk by faith without walking in love.

Our faith will unconsciously be determined according to the way we walk in love. Those who claim faith in the Father, yet, are demonstrating selfishness, will continue to have weak faith. In I Corinthians 13, we see that “love seeketh not its own”. The person of love seeks the benefit of others, and thereby bolsters their confidence in the Father’s care for them.

As you walk by faith, you become independent of the circumstances of life because your walk is a love walk which secures you under the protection and care of the Father. Your faith is never weakened because you are in fellowship with Him who gives you His wisdom, light, and ability. Faith, then, becomes as natural as mighty waters flowing; it is never weak.

L. Jerome Jones

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