The Jumble Of Jonah Or joined To Jesus In Joy

Confused and ill portended messages daily bombard the global society in which we live. Current political and economic events present a threatening outlook to Christians as well as the unsaved. Easily, one may become absorbed in the news of troublesome times, however, as Christians, we may choose the jumble of Jonah or be joined to Jesus in joy.

Truthfully, I feel concerned that many Christians are not demonstrating the joy of the Lord as their strength, but are troubled by the storms of a Jonah complex. Evil signs and bad luck are occupying their thoughts and the manner in which they present themselves to an unsaved world.

This Jumble of Jonah should not hold forth in the minds, hearts, and activities of Christians, seeing we have received the surety of being joined to Jesus in joy. Jesus in John 15:11, states, “These things have I spoken to you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full”.

What are the things which Jesus has spoken to us? We have been given the choice to “keep His commandments, and thereby abide in His love and in the Father’s love. Previously He told us that if we keep His commandment to love, He and the Father will come and live with us.

God abiding or living with you means that you have the ruler of the storms of life dwelling in you. You need not be overtaken by the consternation of Jonah because in Christ there is cheerfulness, delight, and well being. This is the kind of joy that makes you ready for any trouble or storms which may come in your life.

L. Jerome Jones

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