Don’t Tell God About Your Troubles Tell Your Troubles About Your God

Freedom and authority in Christ is not something we have to make ours; since it has already been freely given to us, all we need do it walk in the light of God’s word. Make these facts your confession, don’t tell God about your troubles; tell your troubles about your God.

When we speak words of faith rather than words of doubt, we are speaking God’s language. Words of doubt are from another source, that is, the devil. When you tell people about your troubles and pains to elicit sympathy, you are losing your faith and fellowship with the Father.

Never tell your troubles to others to obtain their commiseration, but, show regard to the word of God which tells us to cast our troubles and fears upon Him (I Peter 5:7). You cannot talk about trouble, sickness, and disease, and walk in contentment and health.

Talking about our weakness, failure, and disease attributes glory to the devil who gave them to us. Telling our troubles that are caused by Satan is a confession that Satan has gained the mastery. It makes the troubles bigger, the disease worse, and it makes us feel worse off.

As a Christian, your confession for your life ought be about God’s power in you. You ought to tell your troubles and sickness that they are being carried by Jesus, as He is also carrying your sins. Remain steadfast in your confession of God in you and what you are in Christ. Tell your troubles about God who is “greater in you than he that is in the world”.

L. Jerome Jones

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