Celebrating Veterans Gift Of Grace

Shadowy ghastly nightmares morphed
into glaring features of reality
tolerable only as experiences surreal
Scenes where we walked, fought, talked and cried
dare not forget some even died.

How possible few languished in sodden fields
sleeping, seeking safety in flooded graves
laughing, joking, and smoking old
Lucky Strikes under starless skies they sat
flaunting fire with fire pulled from dented hard hats.

Such were these bold soldiers
too afraid to be scared
shouting survival triumphs openly
with a love unspoken our bond made strong
resolve fostered and fierce seems all fear was gone.

Living on a hope and a promise
and the prayers of their mothers
consciously forgetting soft arms and being alone
comforted with locked and loaded arms tightly tucked
envisioning coming out, one day and a wake up.

Willfully failing to acknowledge God’s grace
yet the teachings of His faithful mercies
kept the protective light shining from their faces.
Blood now mixed with brothers band was not left behind
but memories of their life’s memorial, honor we assign.

L. Jerome Jones

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