God Is In His Word That We Pray

Christian believers should be assured of access to God’s throne of grace when they pray, realizing that the word of God brings God on the scene to attend the need of prayer. We have confidence that our needs are met because God is in His word that we pray.

As we hold up God’s word to Him in prayer, God sees Himself in His word since He and His word are one. Jesus is the word who is one with God; and when we pray His word, it brings us into connection with the oneness of God and His power to supply our every need.

Therefore, when we pray, we are to pray God’s word back to Him. His word spoken back to him in faith is God Himself speaking. He is making promises that suit the needs of humankind; and of course, He will not fail to make good on those promises

Hebrews 4:16, invites us to “come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need”. Go in with His word as your receipt for your financial, spiritual, and physical needs, and for those of family, friends and foreigners.

L. Jerome Jones

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