Prepare To Take Your Place In Prayer

According to the infinite wisdom of God, every person entering the family of God has been designed to fulfill an essential and assigned role in the functioning of the body of Christ. Due to consistent demonic attacks against the church and the world, it is important that you prepare to take your place in prayer.

Just as all of the members of the physical body are necessary, so are all the members of the spiritual body of Christ. God has a special use for every member; you have a place, and it is vital that you find your place and fulfill it through the word and prayer.

Let no one be deceived by the adversary and think because they lack training or some special skill, they have no place. You have a responsibility the moment you are born into the body of Christ to prepare to take your place and begin to function as living member.

Failure to take you place in the family of God will result in the body of Christ being weakened and unable to function at complete capacity. In addition, there is a price you will pay for being out of the will of God which may come in sickness, loss, or unhappiness.

My brothers and sisters take your place by devoting yourselves to studying the word of God, meditation, and prayer. Do not permit any obstacles to stand in the way of taking your place. You can only find true satisfaction as you abide in God’s will by taking your place.

Taking your place in prayer is the most important responsibility of your life. Men and women are overburdened, defeated, stressed out in their work, family and spiritual life because you have not prayed. You have become occupied with your pleasure, ambitions, dreams and the busy walk of life, causing people to suffer because you have failed to pray.

This is a generation of crime, lawlessness, and immorality which finds its genesis in our failure to pray. The call is gone forth, people called by God’s name, ask for forgiveness, “humble yourselves and pray”, and take your place in the Kingdom of God.

L. Jerome Jones

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