What Are Your Limits As A Christian Believer

Sin ruled persons who come confessing Jesus as Lord, according to 2 Corinthians 5:17, are made New Creations in Him. Since you have become a partaker of the Divine nature, what are your limits as a Christian believer?

As a Christian you have been translated into the “Kingdom of the Son of God’s love”. This is the dominion of wealth, faith, life, health, peace, and joy. Within this dominion, you have the same rights and privileges as Jesus.

The Father loves you even as he loves Jesus. Just as Jesus is the Son of God and is Deity, you are a child of God possessing the nature of Deity. He had the Holy Spirit dwelling in Him, and you have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Jesus, however, made full use of the God life within Him, whereas you have limited the Holy One.

Looking at 1 Corinthians 1:30, you see that Jesus was made redemption, sanctification, wisdom, and righteousness unto you. Consequently, the limits of your redemption and full rights are the limits of Jesus Himself.

Because of the opinion and doctrines of men, you have failed to take your place. Allow the word of God to have its way. Being created anew in Christ, inquire the father to establish your limits as A New Creation, instead of acceding to fear and theological doubt. Faith will take you to places where reason will not dare to tread.

L. Jerome Jones

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