The Challenge Of God’s Favor

Often we find people in the body of Christ seek the favor of God simply for their personal blessing and benefit. However, the challenge of God’s favor requires that you take your place as a son or daughter of God, and act on His behalf.

Through God’s gracious favor you were made a son or daughter of His loving will, begotten to act out your part as a child of God. You, who have come into being through His authority and power, have received His very nature of eternal life.

Now you belong to a realm which is above the natural order because you have His presence and power dwelling within you. Therefore, you are to take His ability and assume your place in the salvation of humankind, just as Jesus took His place.

Jesus said, ” nothing shall be impossible unto you”; and this is where the challenge of God’s favor leads you. Natural ability will not allow you to embrace the surety of this word in your life. Hence, it is necessary that by faith, you consider yourself connected with All Power.

Daring to confess who you are in Christ, that He made you who you are, and that you can do what He says you can do because He is working in you is the true expression of God’s favor. You no longer ask for the possible, but always pray for the impossible, knowing that it is not done by human ability, but only by the power and favor of God.

L. Jerome Jones

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