One Firm Foundation For Building Faith

Observing the miraculous labors of persons of renown, Christian believers frequently ponder the question of building their personal faith. Confronting adverse or difficult circumstances, people desire the one firm foundation for building their faith.

Significantly, the very apostles of Jesus struggled with this question. In Luke 17:5, after the command to forgive seven times in a day, the disciples ask, “Lord increase our faith” Jesus’ extended reply appears to correspond to James 1:22, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves”.

Jesus never had to think about faith, or try mustering up faith for a particular occasion because He was simply focused on doing the will of God; He was abiding in His word. In like manner, this alone must become the one firm foundation for building your faith.

Your sole source of faith is the word of God. Faith cannot be built on fasting and prayer, regardless of how important these disciplines are. Neither can you hope to build your faith by reading books on faith, or vicariously identifying with the faith adventures of other persons.

Romans 10:17, assures, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. As God builds His word into your daily walk, faith becomes, without any thought, a useful and valuable quality. Through His word, you gain confidence to enter into the Father’s presence.

God’s word must become a part of you if it is to build your faith. You come to know that as His righteousness in Christ, you are a co-laborer with Him. You allow His word to abide in you, as you abide in Him. You recognize that you are connected to the branch, having His life, nature, ability, and strength. Therefore you can ask what you will, and “it shall be done unto you”.

L. Jerome Jones

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