Faith In The Fact Of Authentic Fruition In Jesus Name

Far too long believers have not appreciated having faith in the fact of authentic fruition in Jesus Name. Through the graciousness of God, He has given the body of Christ one of the greatest gifts that has ever been imparted, the use of the Name of Jesus.

Prior to His ascension, Jesus granted the church the legal right to the use of His Name. His words in John 15:16, instruct, “whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you”. Believers, then, have the power of attorney to go to the Father and make your requests.

Jesus was assured that anything He asked of the Father would come to authentic fruition, and not some spiritualized pacification. He said in John 11:41-42, “Father…I knew that thou hearest me always”. Having faith in the use of His name assures that the Father will hear you as well.

Faith in employing the Name of Jesus in your prayers is essentially equivalent to Jesus praying Himself, there is no place for denial. When you grasp the surety, have faith in the fact of your authority and right to ask in the Name of Jesus, your requests of the Father will come to authentic fruition.

L. Jerome Jones

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