Seven Essentials For Success In 2016

Coming to the beginning of a new year always ushers in an air of anxiety, anticipation, and excitement. There are questions and expectations regarding one’s success in relationships, careers, and general well being. Christian believers may find life’s real fulfillment by using the seven essentials for success in 2016.

Simply stated, the seven essentials are things you must possess or act on if you are to become successful in 2016.
Without much explanation, here, we only point out these essentials which all Christians have a right to, and if used will bring success in your daily walk.

1. You have a legal right to righteousness – utilizing the fact that you can stand before God without any condemnation, frees you from the anxiety of pursuing all of your spiritual blessings in Christ.

2. You have a legal right to receive the life of God – knowing that you have God’s nature empowers you to overcome every obstacle or difficulty you will face in 2016.

3. You have a legal right to walk with God as Sons and daughters – having access and communing with God is essential for your development and the development of those around you.

4. You have a legal right to healing for your physical body – knowing all sickness was laid on Christ will enable you to maintain health through your trust in Him.

5. You have a legal right to a life of peace – possess the fact that you are free of anxiety, fear, and need.

6. You have a legal right to use the Word of God – know that God is jealous over His word; he will cause it to prosper, it will be a lamp unto your feet leading you to good success.

7. You have a legal right to immortality – Knowing you have a home in the new heaven for your new body where you are destined to reign as kings and queens should encourage you to live like rulers now.

Possessing and using these essential legal rights which have been graciously given to you by God will assure you of success in 2016.

Blessings Now! in the New Year
L. Jerome Jones

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