How Your Faith In The Father Is Built

Men and women who have trusted Jesus Christ for their salvation should know that the only sure foundation of faith is the word of God. Sociological and philosophical tracts may inform your reasoning about God, nevertheless, the word of God is how your faith is built.

God’s word is the Father speaking to you as if He were with you in person; that word is taking His place. It empowers you to receive it into your spirit consciousness, to breathe it in, and find nourishment in it. God’s word never fades, it is eternal; and it will never loose its effectiveness.

On the other hand, human words can merely give testimony to the truth of God’s word. They cannot duplicate the integrity and life giving power of the word of God. Human words satisfy reason for a season, but eventually fail to fulfill the spiritual longings which faith in the Father supplies to your inner being.

Having received the New Creation, you have an eternal spirit which psychological and philosophical religion cannot nourish; yours is a faith which must feed on the bread of life. Faith, here, means that you lean on the word as you would on the Father. You rest in that word; and God’s word in your mouth of faith is as if it were in the mouth of Jesus.

L. Jerome Jones

One Response to “How Your Faith In The Father Is Built”

  1. Mary Sayler says:

    Thank you, Jerome, for this encouraging word on reading God’s Word. I’ll highlight your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog God bless.

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