Daily Affirmations For Victorious Christian Living

Transformative Christian living will accrue to all believers who imitate the model of our Lord’s confession concerning who He was and His ability to overcome sin and the world. Jesus knew and confessed He was the Son of God destined for victory. Likewise, your faith filled daily affirmations are the measure for victorious Christian living.

Understand it is extremely important that you daily affirm your relationship with God the Father. Remain assured you are a partaker of the Divine Nature, sharing in His righteousness through Jesus Christ. Daily state as fact you have no condemnation, guilt or shame, and are empowered to stand boldly before your Father’s throne and obtain grace.

The mind of reason and sense knowledge will attempt to dissuade you from the truth of your right standing in Christ. It may attempt to contradict spiritual reality by convincing you that you are holding on to false hope. However, you must assert that you do not live in the realm of the senses, but confess you are what God says you are.

Surely, your affirmation is that you are redeemed, and your redemption is real. Daily affirm that you have been translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of God’s love. You have authority in the earth and dominion over Satan. You affirm that you have the victory, for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

L. Jerome Jones

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