Faith Facts Foster Freedom In God Our Father

Learning that faith in the father does not stand upon the word of humans, but on the word of God our Father is pivotal for being empowered to take your place as God representatives in the earth. Nothing but the facts of God’s word can foster freedom in God our Father.

Human testimony to the truth of God’s word is valuable, however, it cannot be allowed to supplant the word itself. Your word cannot impart life in any way, but, the word of faith which proceeds from the Father’s heart produces life abundantly. That word, as you feed on it, sustains and upholds you; it is the Father’s presence with you always.

That word in your mouth of faith is just as effective as if Jesus or the Father themselves were speaking. In the mouth of one who is fearful or doubting, the word is a dead letter, but in the mouth of faith it becomes a life giving, dominant, freedom fostering force.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, you can lean on the word, rest in it. Know the facts that through the word of God the sick are healed, and the captives of Satan are set free. The human words of psychology, philosophy, and religion may satisfy reason for a season, but there is no freedom or life in them. Your heart will remain restless until it finds its rest in the freedom fostering word of God.

L. Jerome Jones

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