Translated Into A New Realm In Christ

Christian believers should realize upon receiving Christ as Lord, worldly, Satanic, and sense dominion have been broken, and they are translated into a new realm in Christ. In this realm, you must consistently hold fast to your confession that you are what the word of God says you are.

Knowledge from your sense realm is not under your control, but is influenced by the world, your circumstances, and Satanic thought waves. Therefore, much of this knowledge does not hold true, but varies with changing events. On the other hand, as a New Creation, your knowledge is elevated above the sense realm and based in the word of God, it remains sure and steadfast.

There is a power in you, the Holy Spirit; and you must know that spiritual forces are greater than all of the forces of the sense world. Sense forces may oppose or contradict you, nevertheless, in this new realm in Christ, you must maintain your confession of spiritual values and realities.

Confessing that you are an actual New Creation created in Christ Jesus, partaker of the very life and nature of God, may astound the world. However, it is through this confession that you are translated into this new realm where you are delivered out of Satan’s dominion and authority, and made confident to stand in the presence of Almighty God to receive of His gracious hand every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.

L. Jerome Jones

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