Confessing God’s Word Will Free You From The Adversary

Satan is the Adversary of humanity; and his intention is to keep all people in bondage, even those who have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord. However, the Word of God cannot be broken which assures “whom the Son sets free, is free indeed. Consequently, it is incumbent upon every Christian believer to maintain their confession of God’s word, it will free you from the Adversary.

Holding you in bondage is the primary objective of the Adversary, and he is adamant about not letting you go free. Although you have begun to walk by faith, you will, nevertheless, have tests. They come not from God, but from the Adversary. He will attempt to confuse the issue and thereby keep you in a state of flux, and at a disadvantage.

This Adversary will consider you as a threat only when you become strong enough to resist him, when you have acquired the understanding to trust the power of the Father and his word to supply your every need. The moment this becomes a reality in your life and daily confession, you become dangerous to and triumphant over the Adversary.

Therefore, strengthen your confidence in God’s word; know that His word cannot return unto Him void. He “watches over His word, to perform it”. There is no power in all the world which can void one sentence of God’s word. Against all opposition, hold fast your confession of God’s unbroken word, and you shall secure your freedom from the Adversary.

L. Jerome Jones

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