Let Jesus’ Love Rule Your Language

Language can be used so that it works for you; it can make you wealthy or suffer want, desired or despised, a conqueror or a captive. Language that is filled with faith will shake heaven and cause people to seek after you. Consider that if you let Jesus’ love rule your language it will warm a cold heart and heal human brokenness.

Your language can become whatever you desire it to be. It may be filled with hatred and doubt, or it may exude the very aroma heavenly love. One thing for certain, however, your faith will never rise above your language, or the words which you speak. Visualize, then, what your confession can mean for your own heart.

Practice the habit of thinking big things, and then rehearse the use of language that fills your heart with the faith and love which makes you an overcomer. Jesus’ language was demonstrated in reality; likewise, your language will demonstrate the reality of that which you have spoken.

Jesus confessed that He was bread from heaven. As you feed upon His words, you will never suffer want. His words were filled with Himself, therefore, as you act upon his words, through language, you will be filled with Christ and His love. His words will feed your faith and create love and power within you.

Remember that your language should always be used for healing and blessing, and never for hurting or damaging. You are taking the place of Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life. Your language, then, should point toward showing the way, confessing the truth, and enjoying the life. You will never enjoy what you are in Christ until you let Jesus’ love rule your language.

L. Jerome Jones

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