Love Took It To The Limit For You

Experiencing the grace of God is seeing His love working on our behalf, it is love shown through the things it accomplishes for us. Love manifested itself in the incarnation of Jesus. It was this love which prompted Him to go to the cross and become sin for our sin. Love took it to the limit for you.

In his great love for you, Jesus not only became identified with you in His earthly sojourn, but He became identified with your sin nature on the cross. God laid upon Him your iniquity. He did not know sin, but God made him sin with your sin. He was so identified with the Satanic nature you inherited, God said that He was sin.

Jesus willingly gave Himself to be judged as sin. He was sent to the place of suffering where sin must go. He took it to the limit and suffered until the claims of justice were completely satisfied. Subsequently, according to 1Timothy 3:16, He was “justified in the spirit”; He was made alive in the spirit and became as righteous as he was before He was made sin.

The penalty for your sin has been paid on legal grounds, and the demand of justice has been perfectly fulfilled. In poverty of spiritual enrichment, humanity does not often pause to take it all in, the great limit God went to make us New Creations. The moment you receive Christ as Lord and Savior, God becomes your very righteousness.

L. Jerome Jones

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