Tragic Adventures Of Advent

Tragic Adventures Of Advent

Earthquakes in divers places make real the prophetic proclamation of the tragic adventures of Advent found in the Gospels as well as Old Testament writings. Early on the prophets were touting the consummation of God’s promised Kingdom through the coming of the Messiah. Warnings had been given to the covenant people to get their heart right with God or suffer the cataclysmic events culminating their present age.
Tragic Adventures of Advent

Hearing the calming messages today of peace and security, we are often lulled into a dream-like state of resignation. Resorting to a place of cheerful and nostalgic songs, and of perceived safety where traditional rites elicit an air of warmth and goodwill.

However, that place which we so ardently long for is merely a white washed, false front meticulously thrown up to keep everyday people from discovering truth concerning the tragic adventures of Advent soon to be perpetrated on the lives of all who do not seriously regard the coming of the Son of Man.

While most notably the prophets Isaiah, Zechariah, and Daniel intimated the falling away, national upheaval, conflict, and destructive forces characterizing the era of God’s Messiah coming in power, Jesus himself, in Matthew 24, paints a stark portrait with signs of his return and the end of times.

People during the era of Jesus’ sojourn on the earth considered the temple as the symbol of an indestructible relationship with the God of the Covenant. Likely, there are multitudes today who consider Trump Tower to be the ultimate symbol of continuing power on the world stage. Nevertheless, Jesus warns, “There shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down”. This is to say, the end of those who put their trust in the institutions of this world will be tragic indeed.

Unfortunately, many have been deceived and are still being deceived in our present time. Influential economic and political figures are appearing upon the earth’s scene claiming to themselves authority to fix our social issues and make the nations great. However, the tragic adventures of Advent portend, ” nation shall rise up against nation and kingdom against kingdom”.

Tragic Adventures Of Advent

Moreover, during these tragic adventures of Advent Jesus’ prophetic and apocalyptic message is there will be ” famines, pestilences, and earthquakes”. People even now are turning on one another and their love has grown so cold; hate is raising its ugly head and becoming engrained within our institutions. Because of hate and the “unwillingness to love”, people who call on the name of God are allowing themselves to become deceived and intimidated by the social opportunists of this world.

Watching and waiting must become the word for the people who anticipate with great expectation the coming of the Son of God again. Looking for the time when some social opportunist will set themselves up as that great one in the temple at Jerusalem, our confidence and commitment is renewed. Our wait must be characterized by the ministry of the gospel in all the world; so that when the tragic adventures of Advent are over, we shall, with peace and joy, reign with Christ in His eternal Kingdom.

L. Jerome Jones

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